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Reminder that this years AGM is being held on 26th January 2020 at the Sailing Vlub at 3pm.

  • Today 28th is the last day for receipt of rule changes.
  • Sun 5th January is the last day for and Agenda items
  • Fri 17th January we will circulate the Agenda and necessary papers to members.

Clive Cherry Funeral ARRANGEMENT’S

Clive’s funeral is to be held on Wednesday 11th December, 12 noon at Leigh Methodist Church, Sutherland Boulevard, Leigh on Sea.¬†There is to be a wake afterwards that will be held at The Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff, appropriately over looking the estuary. Daryl shall be there along with the entire crew of Eclipse and Clive’s wider “sailing family”

Clive Cherry

Long standing sailing member Clive Cherry unexpectedly passed away on Friday.  This followed post-operative complications arising from surgery to deal with confirmed bowel cancer.  

His co-owner and long time friend and sailing companion Daryl Mylroie writes:

Clive and I have sailed together for over 35 years racing all the time on the Crouch.  We have  jointly owned “Eclipse” (Maxi 1000) for the last twenty years and prior to that “Quasar” (a Feeling 286).  Prior to the Feeling, Clive and I raced “Andantino” a Hunter Sonata.  Clive never missed a Wednesday evening race from the Burnham Sailing Club line and always competed in Burnham Week, sailing every day of Burnham Week for the last 40 years.  I know it always frustrated Clive not to have a faster yacht, though he nonetheless managed to squeeze the very best out of our Maxi 1000 and we enjoyed many sails together covering some great distances too.  

At this early time there are as yet no details of when his funeral might be, but it is likely to be held at Southend Crematorium.  As soon as I know more I shall pass details on to those who might be interested in attending to pay their respects.