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RYA Guidance During Lockdown

Dear All,

As lockdown 2 continues, the DCMS and RYA have further clarified a question that a few of our members have been asking.

Can club boat parks and slipways remain open?

Our understanding is that boat parks and their slipways are part of a sporting facility and its amenities and therefore must be closed. However, we believe those that are situated in public outdoor places are not subject to the closure restrictions.

We are not a public facility, but a private club, so therefore we have to  close. We are still awaiting further guidance about checking boats in the dinghy park but do know that only essential travel and local travel is allowed.

You will have seen that already there have been fines and police intervention where lockdown rules have been broken in Essex. Please do not put the Club in a position where we are being brought into disrepute or worse.

We thank you for your continuing support and observance of lockdown laws.

Sally Harbott


Covid-19 Update

Following the announcement by Boris Johnson regarding a lockdown, all racing activity from the Burnham Sailing Club is suspended. We ask that all members follow the rules set out by the Government and when we have received clarification from the DCMS and RYA we will update you further regarding water-based activities from the Club

Latest Lockdown Restrictions Nov 2020

With the new announcement from the Government, we will clearly have to adjust what we can do, and are awaiting full guidance from the DCMS and RYA. Looking at the bullet points from Boris, individuals will still be able to do sport, BUT mustn’t meet up outside with non-household members other than 1 person from one other household. 

to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place – with the people you live with, with your support bubble or, when on your own, with 1 person from another household.

This means that from Thursday, we are asking you to ensure that you do not meet up in the dinghy park, on the pontoon or in the pound other than as outlined above. Therefore, we ask if using the pontoon, no one waits on there after launching, or recovering. 

We will pass on any further guidance and rules when we have them. The toilets remain in use for emergencies unless we are told otherwise.

As always, the Flag Officers, Trustees, Committee and I really appreciate your good will and following of the rules hence allowing the pontoon to be open for individual and household use. As the rules change, we will keep you up to date with all changes from our ruling authority, the RYA, the DCMS and the Government.

Sally Harbott