Membership renewals are temporarily suspended until after the AGM (Sunday 31st January)
2020 members will be contacted via email to advice their rebate.
New membership enquiries are still welcome

The Burnham on Crouch Sailing Club welcomes new members whether experienced or new to sailing. We have a range of membership categories  for  sailors,  kayakers  and SUP sections including single memberships, couples, youth and families.

We also have a social membership category.

The membership renewal, race entry and new membership application forms can be downloaded from the links below.

Membership& Race Form
Renewal Application Form
Renewal Form No Changes to details
New Member Application Form

All members shall pay their first annual subscription upon election to the Club and thereafter on the 1st day of January in each year. A member elected after the 29th day of September in any year shall not be required to pay any subscription in respect of his election, but shall pay on his election the entrance fee and his annual subscription in respect of the year following his election.

* NOTE: The helm or Owner in any race given by the Burnham on Crouch Sailing Club must be a sailing member of the Club (SI Rule 1.2)

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