Winter Wednesday 9th March 2016

Last Winter Wednesday before BSC Sailing Season begins on 13th April. Click on link to BSC Website to get Full Menu.

Normandy Pork with Apples and Cider
Slow cooked chunky pork and apples cooked in cider and cream served with mash potatoes and savoy cabbage.
Mixed Seafood and Chicken Paella
A saffron favoured Spanish rice dish cooked with mixed seafood, chicken, chorizo and vegetables.
Vegetables with Apple and Cider(V)
A vegetarian version of the Normandy pork dish.
Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake
Homemade crumbly apple cake topped with cinnamon sugar served with poured cream.
Cheese and Crackers
A selection of cheese with crackers served with grapes.
Salad will be available by the side
BOOK BY 7th MARCH 2016 please.
Book your Menu and place with Rosemary.  Email:
Phone:  01621 782683.

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