A message from the flagofficers

Thank you for your continued consideration when using the pontoon and other club areas. Please can you be mindful of numbers on the pontoon, allowing time for those who are recovering their craft to leave the pontoon before coming down. We know it can cause delays, but please continue to exercise patience as we have have been doing an excellent job so far, showing due consideration and care. With the school holidays finally here (hooray!) please remember the pontoon code for buoyancy aids  etc and be mindful that we cannot wait on the pontoon, or use it as perhaps we have in the past as another area to sit, picnic etc. Please use the decking or dinghy park areas for waiting and picnicing etc to allow others access.Thank you for your patience and acceptance of all we have to put in place, unfortunately  it looks set to be the norm for some time to come and continue to enjoy the water safely.

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