2 thoughts on “Amendment to SI rule 7.1 Dinghy Section”

    1. Hi John, it’s to solve a few issues.

      1 The ODM should be on the start line. As the SI’s have been changed this year to use the ODM as the pin end for the dinghys. Sometimes it ends up past the finish line abd Yachts are then crossing the finish line on the north side of the odm where the oppies are racing and this is a safety issue.

      2 it allows the dinghies to align the start line with the wind direction without moving the ODM

      3 the ODM was being removed before all the yachts had finished racing. This is unfair as some yachts are having to tack outside of the odm and others not.

      The aim is to separate the yachts and dinghy fleets and remove the potential of people being penalized because of poor placement of the ODM to the yacht start /finish line.


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