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Safety boat rota

Hi all Wednesday evening dinghy racers,

As club Commodore Alan Hanna mentioned in his 2018 Sailing Season Information post previously, to help with the smooth running of the club and to ensure that everyone who races gets as much racing as possible, the Sailing Committee this year has introduced a safety boat roster for Wednesday evenings, which has just been rejiggled to account for all apparent racing members and parents so please have a look.


Average series points will be given for those covering safety boat duty.

If you can’t cover your shift, please swap with someone else.

Thanks for your support on behalf of the sailing committee.


Racing live Twitter account

Hello all,

A new club Twitter account has been set up to post live commentaries, updates and information from the racebox and committee boats on all racing organised by the club, from Oppies to keelboats to kayaks! You can find it here,

It’s intended to be be a useful resource to find out what’s happening on the racecourses when you’re not out there yourself, hope you enjoy it.