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2017 St Mathew Cup

2017 St Mathew Challenge Cup

Sunday 16th July saw the four Burnham on Crouch clubs competing for the 2017 St Mathew Cup.

The St Mathew Challenge Cup was originally presented by the Officers and Personnel of HMS St Mathew stationed in Burnham on Crouch during WWII. The cup has been competed for annually since 1947 with each club taking it in turn to host the event in a format of their choice.

Club No. of wins (1947 – 2016)
Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (RCYC) 28
Burnham Sailing Club (BSC) 24
Royal Burnham Yacht Club (RBYC) 11
United Hospitals Sailing Club* 5
Crouch Yacht Club (CYC) 2

*moved away from Burnham at the end of the 90’s

This year it was the turn of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club who decided on a team racing format in their 80+ year-old Royal Burnham One Designs with two boats allocated to each club.

The 8-10kt WSW breeze provided classic RBOD conditions with a perfect foul tide beat. Team BSC comprised:

 Red Jacket (2)                 Beryl (14)

Ian Gray                               Ben Harden

Ian Simons                          Dylan McPherson

Ellen Morley                       Daniel Wastnage

A maximum of three races could be helmed by any one person so Ian shared the helm with Ellen and Ben with Dylan.

The clubs raced each other in a “Round Robin” on a windward leeward course of two laps.  The BSC’s first race was against team RBYC and although not getting the best start, helms Ben and Ian soon got to grips with team racing tactics and sailed brilliantly to cross the line first and second.

Race 2 saw the BSC up against the RCYC. This was a particularly tough race with the RCYC getting the better of the BSC although not without a failed protest from the BSC on the grounds of a boat interfering with another on a different leg of the course (not permitted in team racing rules). However, a lesson to all – if you are going to protest make sure you identify the correct sail number! But it did not matter – in the BSC’s third race we managed to secure first and second places meaning we were in the “race off” for first and second overall against our hosts, the RBYC.

The first beat was tense with lots of covering and place changes. As they approached the leeward mark one of the RBYC boats managed to get an overlap, gybed onto starboard and forced both BSC boats to take penalty turns, leaving us in 3rd and 4th with the two RBYC boats clear ahead sailing towards victory. However, the race was far from over, the BSC boats somehow managing to come back at them on the run towards the finish and Ben brilliantly got an overlap to luff one of the RBs past the finishing line allowing Ian and Ben to cross the line in 1st and 2nd.

But it didn’t finish there – a protest over the incident at the first leeward mark led to two hours deliberation by a protest committee who eventually deemed that one of the BSC boats had not taken the penalty turn at their first opportunity and disqualified the BSC, declaring the RBYC winners of the 2017 St Mathew Cup.

Whilst the outcome will be debated long and hard in the bars of the clubs for weeks to come, there are few who can remember a more intensely contested or enjoyable St Mathew Cup.

The BSC team proved to be formidably strong and sailed brilliantly on the day. They were absolutely fantastic and I would like to say thanks to Ian, Ian, Ellen, Ben, Dylan and Daniel for representing the BSC and doing us proud.

(Photos courtesy of Alan Hanna)

Results (winners)

Round Robin                                      Finals

RCYC     v              CYC

RBYC      v              BSC

RBYC     v              CYC                        1st/ 2nd                   RBYC     v              BSC

RCYC     v              BSC                        3rd/4th                    RCYC     v              CYC

BSC        v              CYC

RBYC     v              RCYC


Dear All,

A couple of postings have been made on the BSC FaceBook page today regarding the use and mis-use of the pontoon.

Basically, it is a private pontoon for the use of BSC members ONLY. All members must wear a suitable buoyancy aid or lifejacket when on the pontoon and be aware that it is potentially slippery. The pontoon is available to members for the purposes of sailing associated activity at all times – not just Wednesdays and Fridays. No overnight mooring or mooring by heavy vessels is permitted.

The floodgate is presently not locked so there is no restriction regarding access. Please treat the pontoon with respect at all times.

The committee is very aware that the pontoon is attractive to youngsters but it is not a lido, we do not have staff to provide supervision for unauthorised users and are therefore unable to and do not permit unauthorised use.

If there are any unauthorised people on the pontoon we recommend to politely inform them that it is a private pontoon, that they are trespassing and that there is a public pontoon outside of the Anchor public house.

We are aware of occasions when the pontoon has been abused, rubbish deposited and damage inflicted. Furthermore, there have been occasions when our members have suffered verbal abuse from a minority of people. The Committee has therefore decided to install gates on the pontoon to deter trespassers. These will be installed soon.

The gates will be opened by keycode to which members will have access. The lifeboat station will also be informed of the keycode for emergency access.

Finally, whilst the FaceBook page is a fantastic way to coordinate and inform, can I ask members to try and avoid using it to discuss club policy. This is best done directly via a Committee Member rather than on a public forum.

Thanks and kind regards,

John Saunders


Dinghy Park

Hi All, just a quick note about the dinghy park. There’s been a few queries coming in from members about where they can put their boats in the dinghy park.

To make it clearer which spaces are taken, I have spent the past couple of days identifying which boats I can and putting a name tag in all those spaces. This means even if your boat is currently elsewhere, you still have your space reserved and for those looking for space, it is clear where there is one.

There are a number of boats I couldn’t find a name / dinghy park sticker on so hopefully over the next few days I can identify these and pop your name in your space for you – if you haven’t already put your dinghy park sticker on your boat this year, please do so.

We are aware of a number of boats seemingly ‘abandoned’ – steps are being taken to identify owners and move these if needs be which should free up some more space.

More membership packs have been sent this week but if you are still awaiting a dinghy park sticker or would like to pay for a dinghy park space please contact our Membership Secretary Di on

Many thanks

Reminder – Friday 7.45 at CYC – Burnham Week 2017 (Celebrating 125 years)

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder that  this Friday (5th May) at 7.45pm there will be short presentation on the vision and plans for Burnham Week 2017 at the Crouch Yacht Club.

There are opportunities to become involved organisationally if you are interested but turning up to the presentation doesn’t mean automatic recruitment – the primary goal is for an informative presentation and to share enthusiasm  for what should be and will be an important event for both the sailing and non-sailing communities of Burnham on Crouch and district.

BW 2017 – Be part of it

DIARY DATE 1st April 2017


There will be a work party at the BSC on Saturday April 1st.

There are a lot of jobs to do inside and outside to get the club ready for the sailing season.  Please come along -it is very sociable and a great way to “bond” with YOUR club,  be sociable and maybe meet some new fellow club members.  Refreshments (tea, coffee, bacon butties and maybe an odd doughnut or two) provided.

Many hands make light work so please help out – it would be great to see some new faces as well as the “old faithful’s”.

Start time 9.30am (put some general tools in the boot of your car if you have any).

A note on the pontoon – we are working hard to get this sorted and are aiming to have it done by the start of the sailing season. I will report in more details soon.

Annual General Meeting – 29th January 2017 (Reminder)

As previously posted and notified in the December newsletter (“Notes from the Bridge“) the Burnham on Crouch Sailing Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 29th January 2017 at 3pm at the Clubhouse. All members are welcome.

  • The Agenda for the AGM will posted on the website on the 20th January 2017.
  • A Financial statement be available on request from the Honorary Treasurer in advance of the meeting [from 22nd January 2017].

Also, thank you to all those members who have renewed their membership for 2017 already. (Forms were sent with the December newsletter AND are available from this website under “Membership” tab)

Annual General Meeting 29th January 2017

As notified in the December newsletter (“Notes from the Bridge“) the Burnham on Crouch Sailing Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 29th January 2017 at 3pm at the Clubhouse.

  • Any proposals for rule changes (Proposed and Seconded by Full Members) should be submitted to the Hon. Secretary* on or before 1st January 2017.
  • Any proposals for agenda items must be received by the Hon. Secretary* on or before 8th January 2017.
  • The Agenda for the AGM will posted on the website on the 20th January 2017.
  • A Financial statement be available on request from the Honorary Treasurer in advance of the meeting [from 22nd January 2017].

Tea and coffee will be served at the close of the meeting.

* The position of Hon. Secretary is presently vacant so please send to (if anyone is interested in taking on the role of Hon. Secretary please also get in touch)

With Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for an active sailing year 2017.