Cruiser Racing Handicap system for 2018

There has been a lot of discussion over the winter period about handicap systems and which one would best for us. To help with the decision we have decided on the following.
Class 1 will continue to use the BSC local progressive system and IRC. (this is unchanged from last year)
Class 3 will continue to use the BSC local progressive system and we will trial NHC. This will allow us to compare each fleet with a known system and give us some data to work with.
Alan Hanna

4 thoughts on “Cruiser Racing Handicap system for 2018”

    1. We Run 2 Classes for Cruisers on Wednesday nights. Class 1 is our Spinnaker Class and Class 3 is White Sails (Non Spinnaker) both Classes are dual scored This Year, Class 1 using our own Progressive Local Handicap system (PLH) & IRC and Class 3 using our PLH system and we are trialing NHC.

      So to answer your question it all depends on whether you want to fly the spinnaker or not.

      Our Saturday Series is less formal and is designed to get people on the water. There will only be 1 class initially and will use the PLH system. However if we get enough entries we could run 2 classes as above.

  1. Think a good idea to have a progressive system as it encourages more boats to enter. It is disheartening if the same boat wins everything. Golf handicaps work well for them they can change if you play well or badly each time.. Ask Liz Tolhurds she knows!!

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