Dinghy Park

Hi All, just a quick note about the dinghy park. There’s been a few queries coming in from members about where they can put their boats in the dinghy park.

To make it clearer which spaces are taken, I have spent the past couple of days identifying which boats I can and putting a name tag in all those spaces. This means even if your boat is currently elsewhere, you still have your space reserved and for those looking for space, it is clear where there is one.

There are a number of boats I couldn’t find a name / dinghy park sticker on so hopefully over the next few days I can identify these and pop your name in your space for you – if you haven’t already put your dinghy park sticker on your boat this year, please do so.

We are aware of a number of boats seemingly ‘abandoned’ – steps are being taken to identify owners and move these if needs be which should free up some more space.

More membership packs have been sent this week but if you are still awaiting a dinghy park sticker or would like to pay for a dinghy park space please contact our Membership Secretary Di on membership@burnhamsc.co.uk

Many thanks

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  1. Hi Fiona thanks for your efforts.Because of work we have not been able to start sailing yet but will be bringing 2 boats down , save us some places!!Have not recieved any boat stickers yet thanks Andy and Nick

    1. Thanks Andy, I’ll make sure I save you two spots! Look forward to seeing you. Will also chase your dinghy park stickers 🙂

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