dinghy park

The dinghy park is getting busy and there are only a few remaining spaces. Most boats have been identified and allocated a space with the owners name (there are a few spaces left to be labelled up this week).

To enable us to run the dinghy park smoothly and lighten the workload on us, we have created a Dinghy Park Guidance document. This is only a few basic things but if adhered to will make an enormous difference to the admin involved in keeping track of the boats, trailers and the maintenance of the dinghy park itself. This document can be found on the website under ‘Documents’ then ‘Sailing’.

There are a number of trailers at the back of the dinghy park. Please note that as we are limited on space, trailers do need to be paid for. All costs can be found in the Guidance Document. If you have a road base and have paid for a space for your boat, it may be better to put the trailer under your boat to save paying extra.

We have a few unidentified boats and trailers. It is essential that if you move a boat or trailer into the dinghy park, you contact the Dinghy Park Co-ordinators to advise them of this.

Please see the attached document and if you recognise any of the boats or trailers as your own, ensure you contact us ASAP.

Finally, we have a number of abandoned boats near the entrance to the car park that have been left at the club for many years. If anyone is interested in taking one away free of charge (for a garden feature perhaps or to restore!), please let us know.

Many thanks

Fiona & Andy


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