Friday Night training for Juniors

Hi All,

As we have so many new Juniors that have joined us on a Friday night who are currently non-sailors, we have decided to split them all into groups. There will be 3 groups and they will spend time participating in 3 different activities. The idea will be that they spend time on each activity and rotate so they all participate in each activity over the course of the evening. This will start from this Friday 8th June.

The three activities will be;
1. Shore based – learn how to tack on our tacking simulator (for those non sailing parents – tacking is essentially changing direction in your boat!), learn the different parts of an Optimist (this will be the first boat they sail) and how to rig it.
2. Trip on Volunteer.
3. Sail on the Topper Sport / the BSC yacht ‘Thalassa’ once it is launched.

Once the children have had time taking part in our Pond sessions some of them will then progress onto the River, sailing independently.

With this in mind, more volunteers will be needed – either onshore (if you have some sailing knowledge and are able to teach tacking / rigging optimists) or on the water – either as crew in a boat, helming a powerboat, including Volunteer (only PB2 qualified can drive our biggest RIB) or helming the Topper Sport / yacht.

If you are interested in helping, please email me on and indicate where you are able to help. The idea is to have a ‘pool’ of parents who are happy to help and when I put together the rota for Friday evenings (I do this on a week by week basis), I can contact people to ask if they’d like to help that week – I will never rota you in without asking first!

I think Marcus is planning to run a few training sessions for parents to teach them how to drive Volunteer and the ‘Flames’ (these are our rigid powerboats with a tiller type engine on the back) – watch this space for more info!

Many thanks!

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