New Class 3 Handicap

Dear Class 3 sailors,

As you will be aware Class 3 is effectively the “Local Handicap” (non IRC) class with handicaps based on published Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) figures.

Most of you have been sailing with white sails only (non-spinnaker) although the PYs were not adjusted for this. Subsequently Class 3 was joined by a boat who wished to fly a spinnaker. This is entirely within the BSC’s ethos to encourage as many entries and as many people to sail as possible. However, we recognise that the handicaps need to be adjusted to reflect “white sails” and try to ensure competitive racing.

After considerable thought and discussion we have decided that we will use an adjustment to the PY for white sails only. Our research shows that commonly adopted corrections are 4% or between 20 and 40 points added to the PY’s. We have decided to adopt 40 points for the timebeing.

Class 3 handicaps become: –

Red Magic Red Fox 200 1185 (no adjustment)
Bella Vela Beneteau 30.5 1080 + 40 = 1120
Live Wire Sonata LK 1058 + 40 = 1098
Randy Robber Robber 1009 + 40 = 1049
Elfin Elan 333 889 + 40 = 929
Spring Chicken MG Spring 25 1004 + 40 = 1044
Charisma Macwester Rowan 22 1350 + 40 = 1390

Note : Local Handicaps are subject to adjustment by the handicap officer.”

Best Regards
Alan Hanna (Handicap Officer)

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