2 thoughts on “Keel Boats 2014”

  1. Hi,
    I have been wondering which class, if any, to enter for the Wednesday night racing this year.
    Could someone from the committee please clarify the entry regs, especially class 3 as it was subject to changes last season.
    looking forward to another good year.
    regards Andy..

    1. Hi Andy,
      We want to encourage and cater for as many entries as possible – the more boats we have the better the racing is. So, Class 3 and “White Sails” will be racing together under local handicap. We would ask entrants to declare on their entry form if they will be sailing with white sails only or if they plan to use a spinnaker. The handicaps will then be adjusted accordingly. Classes 1 and 2 are also combined for yachts holding a current IRC certificate. Sailing Programme and SIs are being finalised and will go to print very shortly. Looking forward to seeing you out there.
      Kind regards, John (Rear Commodore).

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