RYA Guidance During Lockdown

Dear All,

As lockdown 2 continues, the DCMS and RYA have further clarified a question that a few of our members have been asking.

Can club boat parks and slipways remain open?

Our understanding is that boat parks and their slipways are part of a sporting facility and its amenities and therefore must be closed. However, we believe those that are situated in public outdoor places are not subject to the closure restrictions.

We are not a public facility, but a private club, so therefore we have to  close. We are still awaiting further guidance about checking boats in the dinghy park but do know that only essential travel and local travel is allowed.

You will have seen that already there have been fines and police intervention where lockdown rules have been broken in Essex. Please do not put the Club in a position where we are being brought into disrepute or worse.

We thank you for your continuing support and observance of lockdown laws.

Sally Harbott


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