Trial Bar opening Tomorrow Night

As we slowly unlock the club some more, we are going to trial a bar opening on Wednesday nights from 6pm til 9pm. There will be many adjustments to follow, owing to covid 19 guidelines and most importantly to keep volunteers and members safe. Please read them carefully. As with all we have done, we are cautious, mindful of the fact we are a volunteer club and taking our time to open and get things right first time whenever possible. Please keep an eye on Facebook and the website for last minute information.

Please do not come if you or any members of your household have any symptoms that may be a covid 19 infection.

The Clubhouse will not be open. Members will be able to drink on the decking and as an overspill in the compound, we respectively ask that you do not drink on the seawall; a public thoroughfare.

  • Payment by contactless card only
  • Service through the double doors onto the decking, no entry to clubhouse at all
  • Limited choice of drinks; cans of lager, bottled beer, wine, canned soft drinks
  • Bring your own glass if you will need one particularly wine drinkers, we will measure in a wineglass and decant
  • Social distancing must be apparent on the decking and please use the overspill in the pound if necessary. Please remember 2 m rule as well as no gatherings over 30.
  • Toilets are the downstairs ones. The changing rooms remain closed.
  • No chairs or tables will be provided, but please bring your own chair if you like.

This sounds regimented but the rationale is well thought out and the safety of all has been considered at every point. By not entering the club, you stay in the open air, the volunteers do not mix with you, screens do not have to be erected at cost, one way systems not marked out etc. The volunteers manning the bar are kept away from customers. No money changing hands so reduces risk. We do not have a glass washer, so by bringing your own glass you have confidence and again, volunteers are kept safer. Reduced need for deep cleaning of the entire club, so more focus on toilets which are used regularly throughout the week.

If this is a popular move and we feel we are reaching capacity at certain times, we will introduce a booking system.  If it is underused, we will consider not continuing. However, the House team are very keen to offer something to start the social use of the club, so are happy to try this as a first step.

I ask that you please show patience and understanding to the volunteers and of the measures the Flag Officers have put in place. We are all very keen to do the right thing both by our members and regarding the controlling of the pandemic. I would like to thank the Flag Officers and committee for their on going hard work throughout this time, and their continued commitment to the Burnham Sailing Club and its members.

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