Wednesday Racing Returns

Welcome back to Wednesdays!😀

After further easing of the Covid restrictions, we have felt able to restart our traditional Wednesday evening racing, albeit with some changes.

Quick checklist

Have you……?

  • Printed the 2020 course card off the website
  • Read the covid statement
  • Read the revisions to the sailing instructions (different start times to note for some!)
  • Taken precautions to ensure you can socially distance and stay safe afloat
  • Briefed any crew members about the covid rules and guidance

We really hope that you enjoy the Summer Series throughout August (4 races, 1 discard). Please note that there are no race fees being charged, if you have already paid, please contact the treasurer  who will refund or carry over to next year for you. The Race Box will be on VHF 37, flag boards etc as normal. The recall board (X flag) will be shown if anyone is OCS.

Please email the Vice Commodore Sail , Tom, with any questions or if you can help with crewing a flame for the club fleet.

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