Winter Wednesday 10th February 2016

MAINS         Slow Roasted Chicken with Quinoa  –   Slow roasted quartered chicken marinated for 24 hrs served with seasoned quinoa new potatoes, pepper and kale.   OR

Pork Adobo   –  Chunky pork with potatoes slow cooked in soy, vinegar, onion and garlic sauce served with fragrant rice.  If there is one dish to taste when you visit the Philippines…this is it!    OR

Tomato & Chickpea Curry (V) – A light curry with chickpeas in tomato and coconut milk sauce served with rice.

DESSERT    Mini Caramel Apple Tart  –  A homemade mini apple tarte tatin – an upside down pastry tart cooked caramel sauce served with Vanilla ice cream.   OR  – Cheese and Crackers  – A selection of cheese with crackers served with grapes.

Salad will be available by the side

Book your Menu with Rosemary.  Email: 

Phone:         01621 782683.

Book by Sunday 7TH FEBRUARY 2016 please.

Time: 1845 for 1915.    Cost £12.00

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