Work party Sat 4th April

Pre season Club work party Saturday 4th April (Subject to planned club event)

Dear Club members,

The new season is fast approaching, with weather permitting, and as the new rear commodore I’d like to get ourselves as prepared as possible. Following the success of past work parties, we can achieve great things without significant burden to Club funds.  James the outgoing RC has been very helpful in advising me of the task priorities. To make this session successful I need your help! Bacon butties and refreshment provided.

There are pre season tasks that must happen ahead of the 2020 sailing season.  Therefore, I ask your support in coming along and doing whatever you can on the day. Use of own tools would help but we can provide specialised tools as necessary. And if you have a job that appeals to you personally, we will try to accommodate.


  • Modifications to assist rib and dinghy launching will be conducted a few weeks ahead of the work party. But regular checks on the float modular fittings, especially after the recent storms is a must. I am unsure if the modification team will have time to do this during their modification work so we should expect to have to follow up on the 4th.  Grease gate hinges and general checks/repairs.

Boat preparation

  • Flames are already out and have been jet washed ready scraping down and re antifouling. Wire brushes, scrapers and paint brushes. Antifoul
  • Flame grab/carry handles fit for purpose. Check, modify or replace. Knife; hose and string.
  • Engine fit if returned from service. Check with JP. Socket set
  • Grease trailer and wheels, check tyres and pressure.  Grease gun, pump.
  • BSC 3.  I understand we have budget to replace but depending on timing, we may have so extra maintenance ahead of this.

Club House

  • Cleaning, specifically Galley area, cooker and fridges. Cleaning fluids and rags
  • Touch up paint inside club house. Paint brushes and paint. Dust sheets.
  • Clean shaded light covers, replace bulbs as required. Ladder, soap/water and drying cloths
  • Paint outside of club house next to decking. Wire brushes, sand paper, paint brushes and dust sheets.  Black paint.
  • Unclear if an area of wood needs replacing JVC to confirm. Wood, Saw/mastic (no nails)

Dinghy park/carpark

  • Fill car park pot holes. In past years we’ve filled using type1 and compressing. If anyone has better, longer term options without too much cost, please advise. Otherwise its wheel barrow, shovels and manual or mechanical wacker compressor.
  • Clear rubbish at site entrance. Strimmer; rubbish bags
  • General litter/rubbish tidy up. Bin bags


  • Tidy quayside garden. Broom; gloves; gardening tools
  • General weeding within the compound and around side of club. Bin bags
  • Sweep overspill pebbles from pathway back onto upper garden. Broom, gloves. Garden tools.

If there’s anything you feel is missing, please advise and I’ll add either to the days events or at least record for future action. If possible, please advise me of your availability by email:

And for those who don’t yet know me, my wife Julie and I moved to Burnham just over a year ago. Immediately became club members have helped man the bar on Wednesday nights.  I became a regular cruiser crew racing with Dan Tribe and look forward to contributing as much time as I can to the Club as Rear Commodore.   Jeff Welsh

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