Tera Open Notice of Race 5/6th July2014

Tera  Open Meeting


NOR and  Sailing Instructions Burnham 2014  issue l

General Notes.

This open meeting is designed for all abilities and to be parent friendly. The planned race area will be as close to the pontoon and bar as possible for easy spectating. The post code of the BSC is CM08AS. Competitor lunches included.

1. Rules

1.1  The Open meeting will be governed by the “rules” as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016, and the RS Tera Class Association. In the event of conflict these sailing SI’s these sailing instructions take precedence.

1.2 Competitors shall have completed the entry form and paid the race entry. (£15/day.)


      2 . Entry

      2.1  Enter with Richard Tucker      richard@imolaproject.co.uk  Tel:07702806759

2.2   Entries will be accepted on the day


3. Communications

3.1  Notices and change of sailing instructions will be posted on the club notice board             and advised at the briefing.

3.2  Signals ashore will be displayed from the Club Race box.



4.  Safety

4.1 Personal buoyancy must be worn by all competitors whist afloat at all times. (This changes RRS 40)

4.1  It is the responsibility of the helm and crew to decide if the conditions are suitable for their ability.


  1. Program

5.1  Saturday 5th |July

5.2  Registration 09:00 hrs – 10:00 hrs

5.3  Competitors Briefing 10:30 hrs

5.4  Launching 11:00 hrs

5.5  First race 11:30 hrs followed by 3 further races with a break for lunch after race 2.

5.6  Sunday 6th July

5.7  Briefing 09:45 hrs

5.8  Launching 10:00 hrs

5.9  First race 10:30 hrs followed by 3 further races with a break for lunch after race 7


  1. Scoring / Discards

6.1  If 4 or more races are sailed there will be one discard.

6.2  The low points scoring system will be used.

6.3  The Race Officer must be informed of any Helm changes


  1. Penalty System

7.1  RRS 44.3 shall not apply, (Scoring penalty)

7.2  Touching a mark is an infringement of the rules and does require a one turn penalty.

7.3  The Race officer must be informed of any intention to lodge a protest  asap.


  1. Time Limit

8.1  The time limit for the first boat is 75 minutes from the starting signal.

8.2  Boats that have not finished within 20 minutes of the first boat may be finished in their observed position on the course at the discretion of the Race Officer.


  1. Equipment

9.1  The equipment used must comply with the Tera Class rules.


  1. Start / Finish / Course

10.1                   The start will be between a flag on the committee boat and the orange buoy at the other end of the line.

10.2                   If a distance mark is used it will be laid just behind the line close to the committee boat, all boats must start and pass this mark on the opposite side to           the committee boat.

10.3                   All boats must pass through the start / finish gate on the windward leg. This is not a requirement on the leeward leg.

10.4                   The course is a windward leeward with a spreader mark, or as advised at the briefing if the conditions do not permit a windward leeward course.

10.5                   The number of laps and course direction,(port or Stbd), will be displayed on the committee boat before the 5 minute signal.

10.6                   The finish line will be as per the start line. After finishing please keep clear of the line, if a boat is recorded crossing the line more than once then the worst recorded place may be used.



11.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2,000,000 per event or the equivalent.

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